About SAU 16 Softball

Hello SAU16 families,

For those of you who may be new to, or may just need a reminder, here are some important points about our league


– The U6, U8 and U10 teams will be formed with zip codes as the top priority. At these levels, we feel it is important for the girls to play on teams with friends and classmates. At U10 we do factor in the individual abilities as well, but our goal is to have each team with large groups of girls from the same town.  


– U12 teams are formed by drafting, but after the draft we also have conversations with the coaches to ensure that girls are still with some familiar faces. At this level, the girls are either at, or close too, entering CMS, so it is a good age for them to start branching out and meeting new friends.


– Clinics are offered throughout the season and include pitching, catching, hitting and general skills. Some of these are offered for free, some at discounted rates for our league. For 2021, these may look different, depending where we are at as a community. We will do what we can in a safe enviroment for our girls.


– Season runs from Mid April into June.


– U6 5-6 game schedule


– U8 8 game schedule


– U10-U12-U14 10-12 game schedules with an end of season playoff.


– U6 and U8 will have two fun jamborees during the season as well.


– Players can expect 2-3 events per week, wether they are practices or games. 


– League-wide Spring Training Day in March at EHS. This is a fun indoor event for the younger groups. For the U12 and U14 groups this serves as Evaluation Day. This may also be different for 2021 based on the guidelines we are following. More on that as it comes closer.


– For those interested in the next level of competition, we also offer the more competitive Riptide Program. These are teams that operate at a tournament level and are formed through a tryout process and play beyond the recreation schedule.


– The goals of the league are to provide the girls with a place to learn and fall in love with softball. Over the last 5 years, we have improved every season as a league, and we feel strongly that we have the perfect mix of learning, fun and competition. We are a recreational league, so we strive to have the girls learning the game at a fun and easy pace so that they can have fun, try new positions, and just enjoy being on a field with friends and classmates. At the same time, we do try to have fun competition, so the do learn that aspect as well. Part of that is also to help keep the game moving. Traditionally baseball and softball were long events, and honestly at this age, that can work against the girls loving the sport. So we have a structure that we feel keeps the game moving, makes it exciting and is alot more fun. 


– We are excited for the 2021 season. We have added teams from Rye, Portsmouth and Hampton onto the league and look to get more involvement from the towns of Kensington, Brentwood and Stratham as well.  We are very of how far we have come in the last few years, and are excited to sign up as many families as we can into our league. We feel that we are providing the best softball teaching in the are, at the most affordable rate. In fact, we feel that SAU16 softball provides more instruction than other programs at a much smaller price tag. Make 2021 be the year that you see what we are all about. 
















































Each division described:

6U Softball (tee-ball and coach pitch)

Designed specifically for girls aged 6 and younger. This will be offered on Saturday mornings. Optional weekday practices may be scheduled, pending the coach’s availability. Attendance is not mandatory.

Teams from other SAU16 schools will play in this fun, relaxed, learning program. Players hit from either a tee or from a coach-pitch –whichever they are most comfortable with.

8U Softball

Players hit off of a spring-loaded pitching machine. This instructional league generally consists of two (1-2) weekdays and one (1) Saturday commitment each week. The main focus at this level is to teach players core softball rules while developing skills in a fun environment. Limited roster sizes and automated pitching allow for faster-paced games with plenty of hitting and fielding. Emphasis is placed on fundamentals and teamwork. Home games & practices are in

Stratham. Away Games are within SAU16 area. Our year-end jamboree will be held at Exeter High School.

10U Softball

Players hit off of player pitching (coach pitch after ball four). This developmental league generally consists of two (1-2) weekdays and one (1) Saturday commitment, each week.

Players continue building and refining fundamental skills while learning game strategy. Volunteer parents or paid high school players will umpire the games. Standings are kept, but the focus is not on winning. Certain local rules are in place to encourage learning and speed up the pace of games. Players get to try all positions. Home games & practices are in Stratham or at the Exeter Rec. Away Games are within SAU16 area.

12U Softball

Players hit exclusively off of player pitching. Players are still developing and learning and new players are encouraged to participate.

The 12U season consists of three (1-2) weekdays and one (1) Saturday commitment each week. Trained umpires call most games, and most Babe Ruth/ASA rules apply.

Players begin to specialize at a couple of positions appropriate for their skills and talents, though they will still experience multiple positions. Advanced rules and topics are introduced. Home games & practices are in Stratham or at the Exeter Rec. Away games are within SAU16 area.

14U Softball

The 14U league is competitive and consists of experienced players. The season consists of three (1-2) weekdays and one (1) Saturday commitment each week.

Certified umpires call all games, and full official Babe Ruth/ASA rules apply. Players generally play positions they know and are comfortable with. Advanced offensive and defensive strategies are taught.

Home games & practices are in Stratham or at the Exeter Rec. Approximately 5 regular-season games will be played within a 20-minute drive from the Stratham Municipal Center.